Donnerstag, 26. März 2009

Meetings, meetings, meetings

Yesterday I didn't have the chance to listen to many talks at EclipseCon, because I used the opportunity to meet several people. After the keynote in the morning I sat together with John Graham, the mentor of our project JWT, which I actually met here at EclipseCon the first time and his colleague Koen Aers and we talked about how we can further improve our project.
After lunch I talked with Wayne Beaton, PMC lead of Technology, about JWT and about other project ideas that spin around in my mind. Then Jerry Preissler from Sopera had some time and since we always tried to fasten the collaboration with the STP project, it was really great to have some chat.
And the evening was dedicated to the poster session, where it's of course all about meeting people and discuss your ideas and code with their ideas and code. So this was really fun, too!

That's why I can't report too much about the conference yesterday, but I promise to get to some talks today again (e.g. my own presentation together with Chris at 10.10am about "Make your processes executable!").
If you are curious about other things that happened in the last two days, maybe this German blog might also be interesting for you.

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