Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Two talks at EclipseCon 2010 related to JWT

Only recently the program for EclipseCon 2010 has been announced and the program committee did a fairly good job in my opinion: they found a good mixture of different topics that the audience will be interested in.

There will be at least two talks that are related to the Technology project "Java Workflow Tooling" (JWT). Our project community submitted some more which were unfortunately rejected. Those had JWT in their focus, so the audience won't be able to hear a detailed talk about JWT this year. Maybe we will have more luck next year.

The first one will give a short overview about JWT as part of the talk Eclipse SOA TLP: Lock, Stock and Barrel where the upcoming top-level project Eclipse SOA will be described and all the sub-projects that will be part of it.

The second one is about how a metamodel evolution can be done and whether this might be painfull or painless for the modeler. This one is presented by my colleague Chris Saad from the University of Augsburg and Etienne Juliot from Obeo SA: Painless (?) Metamodel Evolution.

I didn't submit an abstract this year as from February on I won't work for the University of Augsburg anymore and I am not sure whether my future employer would pay me the trip.