Freitag, 20. März 2009

Looking forward to EclipseCon - to meet you!

Next week EclipseCon 2009 will already start in Santa Clara, California. I guess most of you will look forward to have the best conference ever. Not only because the huge amount of interesting talks, but also because this is probably the best possibility to meet the persons you always wanted to talk to in person!

It already starts on Monday with quite interesting tutorials such as how to use Mylin, work with Eclipse RCP, apply the latest research results in model transformation, have a dive in the platform resource model or develop your SOA with Eclipse. There are so many tutorials (besides the Eclipse annual member meeting that happens on Monday afternoon, too), that I don't know yet which one to choose.

And it's getting much more difficult once the conference starts on Tuesday! Not only the BOFs will be fun, but of course also the plenty presentations. Since we'll have a talk on Thursday about how to execute a process (by the way, the presentation is nearly finished!), I'm of course interested in what other companies do in this context and am already looking forward to Koen having his talk Executing BPMN.

But besides that a lots of other talks (that are not related with BPM, SOA, Workflows, etc.) seem to be interesting: how to evolve a user community, what will happen in Eclipse e4, the newest development concerning Galileo, newest tools for web development, building and translation as well as others.

I'm sure everybody will find a topic that he's interested in!! And if not, you can still sing Karaoke, watch some posters or talk to exhibitors. And with the long list of presenters, you'll definitely find somebody to talk to!

I'm looking forward to meet you all in the next few days!

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