Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Aspect-oriented Modeling

Do you like AspectJ or at least the idea of aspect-oriented programming (AOP)? Do you use EMF and create your own metamodels? Do you at some point of time miss the possibility to extend existing metamodels from an outside plugin with the specific properties or metamodel elements that you just need right now?

Then you should not miss the talk Marc Dutoo and I will give at Eclipse Summit Europe: it is all about Aspect-Oriented Modeling.

In this talk we discuss current shortcomings of technologies like EMF and standards like UML, and show how these can be dealt with using research approaches in the area of aspect-oriented modeling (AOM), allowing e.g. to enrich models with orthogonal sets of information pertaining to different concerns.

Several techniques and implementations based on Eclipse products and projects (such as EMF extensibility, secondary models such as EMF GenModel's, the aspect-oriented configuration profiles of the Eclipse technology project Java Workflow Tooling) will be presented. At the end, an outlook about current standardization approaches in this area by the OMG will complete this session.

So, don't miss the opportunity and join us in Ludwigsburg on Wednesday, October 28th (and of course also from Monday to Thursday for the rest of the conference!). You will find us in Bürgersaal 1 starting at 5.30pm. See you next week!

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