Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

JWT 0.6 released

Today, as part of Galileo, the newest release of JWT, the Java Workflow Tooling project, has been released. Java Workflow Tooling in version 0.6 brings open business process design and development to the Eclipse platform. JWT-modeled processes can look the way the analyst wants, hold any implementation information the developer adds in, and be deployed to the runtime platform of choice.

This is possible thanks to a flexible framework allowing extensible views, model and transformations, that communities and vendors can build on. JWT comes with several built-in extensions like UML Activity Diagram or Event-driven Process Chains (EPC) views, BPMN interoperability, code generation (e.g. XPDL, or WSBPEL-code in the AgilPro integration, but also HTML documentation). There are actually already a few solutions that integrate JWT, such as the SOA-focused Scarbo of the OW2 consortium, or AgilPro in SourceForge.

JWT is available in Galileo using Help -> Install New Software... -> Galileo -> General Purpose Tools -> Java Workflow Tooling (Incubation).

Come and get it!

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