Montag, 20. April 2009

Eclipse Forum Europe in the sun, but one cloud

Today started Eclipse Forum Europe in Mainz, Germany. The weather is lovely, so it's really difficult to convince himself to go to the talks. But there are so many interesting ones that this won't be a problem at all: talks about Eclipse of course, but also a lot about SOA and BPM at SOACON and about Java and project management at JAX (all three happen in parallel).

As I'm mostly working on SOA and BPM support with Java inside Eclipse (as part of the JWT project), this combination is really perfect for me!

So, it could not be better, if we wound not have heard that Bjorn Freeman-Benson, one of the first people you think about when the name "Eclipse Foundation" is mentioned, will resign working for the foundation already from at the end of this month! So, this is a really a pity, as Mike Milinkovich in the name of the Eclipse foundation announced. One can't think about EclipseCon without Bjorn! So the Eclipse Forum Europe starts with one happy and one sad eye and it seems that between all the sun, the first cloud comes up.

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