Mittwoch, 26. November 2008

JWT welcomes its new mentor!

The whole team of the Eclipse technology project Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) welcomes it's mentor John Graham. After we struggled for the last two years with the formerly unknown Eclipse processes (but nevertheless managed already two releases), we are glad to have some support for all questions now. John is currently in the PMC of the DTP project and has been working as a committer (and PMC Chair) for quite a while now and is therefore more than knowledgable about everything that we need to know about releasing, packaging, building, IP due dilligence and all the other things that are quite difficult to understand at the beginning.

With him we are looking forward to be integrated into Galileo. Our PMC already gave us the approval to get on the release train, so we are currently preparing everything that is necessary in order to be included in Eclipse Galileo in 2009.

Now you might ask: what is JWT about? With the included Workflow Editor (WE) one can model the business processes and workflows which are initial process engine-independent, but soon with the support of several vendors there will be first implementations and adaptations for important process engines that exist in the market. Using the already existing transformations the modeled workflows can easily be transformed into other models (such as into BPMN or STP-IM) or also to generate code e.g. in XPDL. If somebody prefers the SOA world and web services, then it's also possible to generate BPEL code using the friend Workflow Codegeneration framework. Additionally, there are also already first standalone RCP-applications available that build on JWT such as AgilPro.

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